16th November 2013

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From a friend’s tumblr site, “Mean Uncle Jake”.  Worth a visit.

From a friend’s tumblr site, “Mean Uncle Jake”.  Worth a visit.

15th November 2013


Been A While (or, How to Get Busy and Mean It)

Life can take over and it seems the older one gets, the more intrusive it becomes.  Still, I have not given up on the self portrait project that inspired this blog.  In fact, the project has flourished.  I now have a site, a studio in the fair months and am soon to publish a book of photos and poems titled “Loving Julia”. 

Julia’s Site

There are stories to come - including misadventures with an anonymous late night trucker, braving the cold and wild with an empty gas tank, approving grandmothers, shopping in a short skirt, treading familiar territory in 6” heels and more - along with photos from the upcoming book.

For now, here’s a teaser from “Loving Julia”:


Essentials" (December, 2012)

11th August 2012


Dressing the Part (or, How’s That for Cool?)

Been working on things, including moving my office and studio from the 1st to the 3rd floor.  I have some new shoots in mind for my project, but logistics are such that it will be a few weeks before I get to try them out.  I’ve also taken on a job as a Technical Secretary, helping a small business with its online presence and promotions.  The great news is I get to dress like a secretary.  :)

Since I haven’t posted an image in a while and won’t be posting one for the short term future, here’s one from last month:

"Conversation" (July, 2012)

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29th July 2012

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"You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life."

-Winston Churchill

For me this relates to be being true to oneself. Transgender or not, I have observed that when one is living as they are meant to, despite societal pressure, they are happiest, most loved - and most hated. I’m not sure why the latter occurs, but I feel Sir Winston Churchill touched on the reason with this quote.

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26th July 2012


"Apples & Wine" (July, 2012)

"Apples & Wine" (July, 2012)

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23rd July 2012


The Detritus of Life (or, Patience is a Virtue?)

Had to take a break from shooting for the last 5-6 days due to heat and responsibilities rearing their ugly heads.  Shooting in the studio just didn’t work out.  Too small and cramped with no real back drops.

That’s the bad news.  The good news is that I think I have a good concept and photo-op going forward.  Hopefully, tonight will be cool enough for some photography, although a check of the weather shows things might be otherwise.

It’s been a lot of work with no results to show for it, but that is sometimes the nature of a self portrait project I guess.  Here’s to a better night of shooting.

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17th July 2012


How to Be Cool

Been too hot to get any photos done, though I’ve tried. Too hot in the house, day or night, too hot outside during the day and too dark outside at night. Might be time to go in the studio. The studio is naturally cooler in the summer, but it is small. It will require some creative thinking to say the least.

I've done quite a bit of shooting in the studio in the past, but successes were few (“Exhale" is one.). I’m hoping that with a new perspective I may hit on the right combination of lighting, composition and subject matter. Either way it goes, at least I’ll be cool.

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15th July 2012


Anonymous said: Hi! i am a very curious transexual and just want to know where you stand with a few things? I read your introduction post and you simply stated your transgender, are you planning on transitioning at some stage? have you begun hormones already? what are your plans for your future?

Hello.  :-)

At this point I have chosen no major structural changes to my body.  Being of mixed gender (I guess that means I’m bigender) I’m not convinced I would be gaining by transitioning.  It’s a tough call though.  I am aware that I am evolving - so I don’t completely rule out SRS - but for now I and my partner are happy with the way things are.


15th July 2012

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"Evening’s End", (July, 2012)

"Evening’s End", (July, 2012)

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15th July 2012

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Ebb and Flow (or, Shopping Spree!)

As usual, this photo project has necessitated a mini shopping spree.  This particular go-round it’s stockings (always need stockings) and tops.  I also had a few skirts and a gorgeous pair of pants that were in the mending pile repaired by a lovely seamstress in town to whom I’ve gone for nearly 10 years.

You’ll find that this project runs in cycles, due in part to lack of an extensive wardrobe.  Every so many months I invest in new items.  Another reason is that the creative process, my creative process, runs in cycles.  Inspiration comes and goes like the seasons.  Finally, it is a time intensive project and I have other commitments that must be met.

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